2016 08 10 September Opal Newsletter Cover

OPAL Alliance encourages community members to voice their views regarding the proposed landfill in Oxford County. We welcome well-written, succinct, short articles and items that we may or may not publish in our newsletter, OPAL Update.

As an alliance, we offer this opportunity to many groups and individuals, ensuring that a broad range of voices will be presented in our small newsletters. If we find a submission to be appropriate for an upcoming or future issue, we reserve the right to edit and condense the article as we deem appropriate. OPAL's volunteers do not have the resources or time to work extensively with a writer regarding article content, fact-checking, artwork or deadline. Writers of published articles will receive by-lines, but no other form of promotion and no payment. The writer reserves ownership of copyright, of course.

 Since OPAL receives new information daily, we must stay flexible as to newsletter content so we can inform the community with late-breaking and critical information. It is the OPAL Update, after all. This may mean that an accepted article will need to be withdrawn or held over for a future issue.

If you would like to submit an article for consideration, please email it to: