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Date: Saturday April 27th 2013 (please note new date)

Time: registration 9:00am,  wraps up around 1 pm

Place: everyone will meet up at the Ingersoll Fire Hall

Everyone will return to the Fire Hall after the clean-up for a BBQ’d lunch with supplies generously donated to the Thames Clean-Up group by local sponsors.

Gloves and bags will be supplied (also donated by local sponsors)

SAFETY FIRST: due to the unpredictability of the Thames this time of year, and its steep slopes in spots, we don’t want anyone taking chances. There are many tributaries that feed the Thames and it is just as important to clean those up before the problem reaches the Thames. More on where to clean will be available as you register that morning.

For further information, please visit the Thames River Clean-Up website 


What will I need to bring? Dress for the weather. The weather in April is unpredictable. Check your local forecast before heading out. You may need sun screen or long underwear. Wear proper footwear, work gloves will be supplied to you.

What tools may be helpful? A pail and garbage grabber is very useful. A broken hockey stick or long pole with a hook on the end will allow you to reach over the banks and up into trees. A wheel barrel will help move the garbage and debris (that you have collected) to a convenient location for the municipality to pick up.

Can I qualify for Community Service Hours? Yes! Your hours of Community Service can be endorsed/ verified by your community contact person.

Registration form http://www.thamesrivercleanup.ca/pdf/TRCU_Registration_Form.PDF or you can fill one out at the Fire Hall on the day of the event.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone under the age of 18 must provide signature of parent or guardian.

Please read all the safety precautions, fill out the form and sign it. Bring your registration form to the Clean-Up and hand it in to the local organizer. The registration form is also your ballot to win the Nova Craft Canoe.