FEB2013: Garbage! The Revolution Starts At Home

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OPAL and Ingersoll District Nature Club Present Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home!

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INGERSOLL – Encouraging every local resident to become more mindful of the waste created at home, Oxford People Against the Landfill (OPAL Alliance) and its newest ally, the Ingersoll District Nature Club, are inviting the public to a free afternoon at the movies at the CAW Hall in Ingersoll.

To be shown at 3 p.m., Sun., Feb. 17 2013, Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home was produced by Canadian filmmaker Andrew Nisker. Informative, inspiring and sometimes funny, the documentary follows one Ontario family as they deal with the garbage they generate in their own home over three months. Mom, Dad and their kids learn the full impact that their trash has in their own lives and those of countless people they will never meet.

Dealing with garbage left behind by others is a familiar experience for the Ingersoll District Nature Club. Dedicated to the development and preservation of nature in Oxford County, the club is steward of the Lawson Nature Reserve’s 36 acres of provincially significant Carolinian woodland and wetland in the Township of Southwest Oxford. Club volunteers provide ongoing clean up and trail maintenance.

“As our nature club is well aware, over 50 years ago, the Lawson Nature Reserve was once used as a dumping site for this area. Our club has done intensive clean up, carrying away loads of old, buried garbage over the past decade. Just when it appears the debris from the old dump is finally cleared, the next year, more garbage surfaces and has to be hauled away,” says Sheila Fleming, IDNC president.

“Every one of us in Oxford County should be very concerned with the amount of garbage we generate. We must be more vigilant about the ways we dispose of every piece of trash, every day. Landfill sites are not the answer,” Fleming says.

That is the message OPAL has been stating since Walker Industries announced in March 2012 that it wanted to put a massive landfill in Carmeuse Lime Inc.’s quarry in Zorra Township, immediately adjacent to Ingersoll, Centreville and Beachville.

“Every voice counts as we speak loudly together. OPAL is very pleased the Ingersoll District Nature Club has officially joined in our community’s fight to stop Walker Industries’ mega landfill proposal for our area,” says OPAL chairperson Steve McSwiggan.

“We are also very thankful to be welcomed once again by CAW Local 88 and Local 2163. They are valued allies in this battle to save Oxford County from the mega dump,” McSwiggan says. The union hall will become a theatre on Feb. 17, accommodating residents who want to learn how to substantially reduce their personal garbage creation and greatly lessen the adverse effects on their local neighbourhood and the earth they inhabit.

Worldwide, more than 1,000 communities have screened Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home, including Australia, South Africa, Europe and North America. It has aired on The Documentary Channel (CBC), Radio Canada and TVO in Canada. The award-winning film has been screened at many film festivals, including
Hot Docs International Film Festival, United Nations Association Film Festival and Festival International du Film d’Environnement Paris.

The Ingersoll screening is free of admission. To help support OPAL’s ongoing efforts to stop the dump, residents are invited to drop their spare change into empty water bottles and other recyclable containers and bring them to the event. OPAL will roll the coins and recycle the containers.

At the family-friendly event, OPAL will have on hand information about the local landfill proposal and what residents can do to help prevent its approval by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. A kids’ play and create zone will be set up for youngsters of all ages. Refreshments and OPAL merchandise will be available for purchase.

“Whether or not you are able to attend the screening, we urge you to give serious thought to these important questions. OPAL is very interested in hearing your answers,” McSwiggan says.

How much garbage do you think you or your family produces in one month? How do you think your daily activities impact you, other people and the environment? Would you consider yourself an environmentally responsible person? Why or why not?

For information regarding Garbage! The Revolution starts at home, please visit:

garbagerevolution.com and http://assets.filemobile.com/31/pdfs/garbage_press%20release_synopsis.pdf

Ingersoll District Nature Club is a not-for-profit community volunteer group that is active in the preservation of nature in Oxford County. The group stewards the Lawson Nature Reserve (Lawson Tract), a conservation area owned by Ontario Nature, and situated south of Ingersoll on McBeth Road. www.ingersollnature.ca

Oxford People Against the Landfill (OPAL) Alliance is a grassroots organization of residents who have united to stop Walker Industries’ proposal to establish a mega landfill in the Carmeuse Lime quarry in Oxford County. www.opalalliance.ca