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Oxford County, We need your help

We need lots of community involvement to stop this landfill proposal. Putting a landfill in a former quarry site is a major concern for everyone in Oxford County. If this were to pass, Oxford County, which has over 70 active pits and quarry sites, could be in danger of being the landfill capital of Canada. OPAL Alliance is a group made up of local taxpayers, businesses, and other concerned environmental and social groups. We are dedicated to stopping this landfill proposal.

Spread the word, volunteer

OPAL Alliance is always looking for volunteers to help with local events, fundraisers, and media campaigns. We also accept donations to fund our awareness campaigns as well as our efforts to be involved in the environmental assessment process. Even if you can't volunteer or donate please spread the word. Your neighbours, family members, and friends should know about the dangers of this proposed landfill. Attend an upcoming OPAL information session and then spread the word. Consider becoming an associate member.

Ways You Can Help:

Letter-Writing Campaign to the Provincial Government20150810 142217

Thanks to the work of many volunteers for the OPAL Alliance, our letter count to the provincial government has passed 46 000. Signing these letters have been people in Oxford County, people in downriver communities, and others from across Ontario. The proposed dump is a solution none of them want.

Further, OPAL and its partners have asked the new federal government's Minister of the Environment and Climate Change to take an active interest in Oxford's battle to prevent a dump in the Thames River's headwaters from affecting our communities, those downriver and those on the lower Great Lakes. There is significant federal research and regulation which can and should be used.

Letter Campaign: 

June 2014

May 2014

October 2013


OPAL is raising funds to pay for an expert team to peer review and create a rebuttal to Walker's Terms of Reference and Environmental Assessment.

Help oppose the Walker Industries 'Southwestern Landfill Proposal', a proposal to put Canada's 4th largest landfill in a limestone quarry that would leave our drinking water vulnerable and pollute our air.

Donations of any amount are gratefully accepted, every dollar counts!

Cheques can be made out to: OPAL Alliance
& mailed to:
Sheila Fleming
c/o 205 George Street
Ingersoll, Ontario N5C 1Z5

What Are Donations Used For?

Some of you may have read our recent exciting announcement about the legal services OPAL has acquired from the Canadian Environmental Law Association (CELA). More information on that and the purpose of our fundraising follows:

Dear Community Members,

CELA is a non-profit legal aide clinic and is providing their legal services to OPAL for free, on behalf of all Oxford County citizens who oppose Walker’s private mega-landfill. However, we still have to fundraise for any costs incurred by them on our behalf (real costs and disbursements such as printing, postal costs, travel and accommodations, etc…). They are not offering any funding to us, as they strictly provide legal aide.

OPAL retained the services of geo scientist Wilf Ruland last year, and we (using publicly donated funds) are responsible for all fees owed for his ongoing services. He will be preparing a peer review of the Terms of Reference for Walker's Environmental Assessment to begin with and if the proposal moves forward he will prepare a rebuttal of the Environmental Assessment studies regarding surface and groundwater. These rebuttals go straight to the Minister of the Environment; the decision maker in the landfill case, and will also be shared with the community. Mr. Ruland would also take part in any hearings such as an Environmental Review Tribunal hearing (which would almost certainly occur at the end of the Environmental Assessment).

We will also be using the services of a consultancy that includes a landfill engineer and other experts that will assist with our rebuttal of Walker's landfill proposal to the Ministry of Environment at the Terms of Reference, Environmental Assessment and Hearings stages. Again, we are responsible for all costs associated with these services.

CELA's provision of legal services will save us as a community tens of thousands of dollars, however, the bottom line is that the experts we have and will be attaining are extremely expensive and we need help spreading the word that we need everyone to pitch in as much as they can to help protect our communities. Other groups we are aligned with have reported spending upwards of $100,000 per year in combatting proposals such as this.

OPAL believes that hiring experts to conduct a “no strings attached” peer review of Walker’s mandatory provincial Environmental Assessment is the only way to ensure that our communities in Oxford are truly represented and protected. With the help of CELA and our expert team, we believe we have the best chance for success at this goal.


Steve McSwiggan
OPAL Alliance Chair

Become an OPAL member!

Becoming an OPAL Member is free, and a great way to contribute. It enables you to vote at our Annual AGM and to elect Board Members and have a say in other matters. Please contact us if you would like to become a Member, or attend our AGM on Sunday, April 17th at 2 pm at the Ingersoll Legion on Thames Street North in Ingersoll. 


OPAL Alliance is always looking for volunteers to help out at any of our events, fundraisers and media campaigns throughout the year. Any amount of time you are able to give is greatly appreciated! We need lots of community involvement to stop this landfill proposal!

If you are interested in supporting OPAL please contact Paul Weeks at 519-808-3815 or

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Other Ways to Get Involved!

Visit (Carmeuse Head Office in Belgium).

Click "Responsibility" and read their claims about how they treat the neighbours and the environment!

Email Fabrice Foucart (Carmeuse Chief Environmental Officer) at

Let him know how you feel about the dump!

Email Glen Murray (the Minister of the Environment for Ontario at

Tell him you expect him to turn down the Carmeuse/Walker dump proposal. Just say "No" to putting a dump on top of our town's water source.

E-mail Christopher Martin (Carmeuse Regional Environmental Manager) at

Tell him you don't want sewage pumped into Quarry Lake.

E-mail John Tory (Mayor of Toronto) at

Tell him "You made the garbage there. Keep it there!"

E-mail Darren Fry (Business Development at Walker Environmental Group) at

Ask him if 30 years of liner experience is enough to say they never leak.

It's Not A Done Deal!!!