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What's wrong with a Mega-Landfill in Oxford?

Our Health & Environment
The proposed landfill site threatens not only the health of the inhabitants in the three nearby communities of Ingersoll, Centreville and Beachville, but also environmentally significant areas such as the Centreville Conservation Area. The landfill would create millions of litres of toxic leachate and would be situated in a geologically unsound limestone quarry. The risks to our drinking water and health are too great should something go wrong.

Economic Devastation
A significant drop in the property values of nearby residents is expected. Lost revenue from a decrease of visitors to shopping, festivals and events is also predicted by area business owners. To add to this injury the economic impact of the infrastructure (roads, waste treatment, etc) required to support a landfill of this size is still unknown and would be shouldered by area taxpayers. Legacy costs would be immense.

Quality of Life
The impact to local quality of life with the introduction of foul smelling, airborne particulate and gasses, as well as an unsightly mountain of trash will be devastating. Previously awarded distinction from "Communities in Bloom" our area would instead be host to a rumbling motorcade of 100+ garbage trucks and many cover soil trucks per day. Our reputation as a green, natural place to live would be forever be ruined if Oxford County became known as "Dump County".

Is this a done deal? How can we stop it?

Not even close to a done deal
We've heard from our supporters that many think this landfill proposal is already done and there is nothing that can be done. Nothing is further from the truth. Walker industries has a long way to go before getting approval to dump 850,000 tonnes of trash a year in Oxford County. Our research has shown us that in every case where a proposed dump has been turned down it has been in large measure due to the activism of the local residents. We still have a chance to stop this!

Where this proposal is right now
Right now Walker Industries, the company proposing to build the landfill within Carmeuse Lime's quarry site, is working through an official Ministry of Environment process. As part of this process they formed a Community Liaison Committee to seek input from area residents. The end product of this committee and Walker's consultation with the community was a Terms of Reference document in which Walker outlined the contents of their EA. If the Ministry of the Environment chooses to approve the Terms of Reference, Walker Industries would then carry out an Environmental Assessment. The Assessment process would include studies on the science, safety and social concerns of the potential landfill. At this time the Terms of Reference (TOR) has been sitting on the Minister's desk for more than a year.