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Walker Industries (Walker Environmental Group) is required by the Ministry of Environment (MOE) to complete an Environmental Assessment (EA) as part of its application for the Southwestern Landfill Proposal.

This assessment will include studies, tests and reports on all aspects of social, economic and environmental impacts the landfill could have.

In preparation for the EA, Walker is preparing a document for the MOE called a Terms of Reference (ToR). It will outline all of the studies Walker will be undertaking and the areas of concern.

OPAL reminds all Oxford residents and businesses to have your say by contacting:

Walker Environmental Group
160 Carnegie Street
Ingersoll ON N5C 4A8


At this stage Walker is also negotiating an agreement with Zorra, Ingersoll and Southwest Oxford called a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). One of the most important aspects of this is an agreement whereby Walker will pay for a peer review of its Terms of Reference and Environmental Assessment. The participating municipalities will select independent experts to study the ToR and comment on its completeness; and to study the EA, review its quality and comment on the results.

This type of agreement is becoming commonplace where private companies are proposing landfills.

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