Peer Review Team

Coordinating Committee for the peer review has just announced peer review team members

"The panel of expert reviewers that will critique the Walker Industries Southwestern Landfill Proposal has now been selected. The Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee-- representing Zorra Township, the Town of Ingersoll, Township of South-West Oxford and the County of Oxford—today announced the appointment of the Peer Review Team as a key step in ensuring all economic, social, cultural and natural environmental impacts are fully considered before the Ontario Ministry of the Environment makes its final ruling on the landfill."

Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee Press Release

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OPAL response to Peer Review Team Announcement

The OPAL Alliance is pleased to hear that our municipalities have selected a team of consultants to peer review the Terms of Reference for the Walker Industries mega-landfill proposed for Oxford County.

The review of Walker’s work plans and studies is a very serious undertaking, and there is much work to be done in the coming months.

We hope that although paid for by Walker, the Peer Review Team (PRT) will consider the very real and potentially devastating effects of having a landfill of this magnitude in proximity to thousands of citizens. The responsibility to protect the health of our community members, environment and economy rests with our municipalities and the team they have selected.

Going forward, we have expectations that the Peer Review Team and our community leaders will be providing us with regular progress updates and will pursue open communication with all interested groups and individuals.

We continue to be concerned that our Joint Municipal Coordinating Committee has signed a strict Memorandum of Understanding agreement with Walker (operating as Niagara Waste Systems Ltd.). This agreement gives Walker Industries a chance to review and comment on all reports completed by the Peer Review Team before those results are made public and sent to the Ministry of Environment.

OPAL is also conducting its own review of Walker’s work plans, and has hired an environmental consultant, geo-scientist Wilf Ruland, P. Geo, Honours BSc, MSc, to assist in that capacity. OPAL’s review will be transparent and independent, with no ties to the proponent. To learn more please see or contact