Environmental Bill of Rights

Unique to Ontario, the passage of Ontario's Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR), and the establishment of an electronic Environmental Registry designed to provide access to it, represent a new approach to government decision-making and public consultation. The following is a brief summary outlining the main points of the actual bill.

What is the Environmental Bill of Rights?

The EBR gives every citizen of Ontario the right to participate in environmental decision-making. The goals of the EBR are to protect, conserve and restore the integrity of the environment, to provide for the sustainability of the environment, and to protect the right to a healthful environment.

What are your rights under the EBR?

•the right to a healthful environment
•the right to participate in government decisions that will significantly affect the environment by commenting on proposed laws, policies, regulations and instruments, appealing environmental decisions, reviewing laws and requesting investigations
•the right to make the government accountable for environmental decisions it makes
•the right to improved access to the courts
•the right to report, without reprisal by your employer, environmental hazards in the workplace

For more information go to: Smalloen Ontario Environment Network  http://oen.ca/index.php?page=ebr