Walker Industries considers this site suitable for a landfill operation.

FACT: The karst geology of this site indicates this site is totally unsuitable. Groundwater that feeds the Thames River (Heritage River) and its tributaries could become contaminated and the entire eco-system of the area will be damaged. Oxford County’s drinking water could be affected. Air-born emissions of materials directly from the landfill during tipping, compacting, and covering pose a potential for harmful exposure.* This site is in close proximity to a large number of established homes. A daycare center and a high school are 2000-3000 meters from the site.

Walker Industries’ proposal includes possibly rehabilitating the land after they are through using it as a landfill.

FACT: Carmeuse Lime Canada Ltd. already has responsibility to rehabilitate the land under its agreement with the Ministry of Natural Resources. The Operational Standards contained in the Aggregate Resources Act of Ontario sets out rehabilitation requirements including: restoration to former use or condition, compatibility with surrounding land uses, agricultural productivity/soil capability. Residents were promised public green space.

Walker Industries has been in operation since 1887 providing infrastructure that builds communities with a commitment to the environment.

Fact: Walker is NOT part of OUR community. It is a private, for-profit company proposing a lucrative business deal.

* Dust From Landfills  http://www.portfolio.mvm.ed.ac.uk/studentwebs/session4/7/dust.htm