Landfill Waste Would Include Asbestos

Written by Suzanne Crellin 

We've all heard of asbestos, a material used in older building projects. In its "friable" state it is easily crumbled into small pieces or dust, this is when it becomes a danger to breathe in.

According to Health Canada, inhalation of asbestos fibre particulate has been known to cause lung scarring and cancer. The use of asbestos is now banned in over 50 countries around the world. The Canadian Medical Association and Canadian Labour Council both support an asbestos ban. Health Canada has advised that chrysotile asbestos be listed internationally as a "hazardous material" which would warrant more specific handling and waste disposal. As of 2012 it has not received that designation by the Canadian government, (presumably to protect exports of asbestos from Quebec asbestos mines).

Walker Industries accepts asbestos waste at their Thorold landfill and representative Joe Lyng has confirmed that it would be one of the materials accepted at the Zorra Township location indicated in their Southwestern Landfill Proposal. "Our proposal is to receive solid non-hazardous waste. Asbestos is a solid non-hazardous waste in Ontario and would be acceptable at the proposed site."

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