Reducing the Need for Landfills

Moe        Waste Diversion Act

It’s incredible how much of our waste goes straight to landfill, taking hundreds of years to break down. Using just a few simple ideas, you can save money and massively reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill.

We can do this by following these three steps (the three R's):

REDUCE the amount of waste we create
REUSE the waste we create
RECYCLE the waste we do not reuse

Waste diversion is critical to building the kind of green economy we want in Ontario. There are significant environmental benefits and real economic opportunities in waste diversion including:
• reclaiming valuable materials that would otherwise have been lost forever
• avoiding emission of pollutants, including greenhouse gases
• encouraging the development of innovative, economy-driving new recycling technologies

Oxford County Council Moratorium Favours Finding Alternatives to Landfills

April 11, 2012
Council voted in favour of a revised motion tabled by Coun. Ted Comiskey. The motion calls for a moratorium on landfills in the county until a review of other options can be completed and council will advise the provincial government of its anti-landfill stance

Comiskey’s motion focuses on finding better solutions for waste than shoving it in a landfill by examining how other areas around the world deal with their garbage. The review would seek up the best practices with extra emphasis on practices involving the total recycling or composting of trash.

“We have to do something about disposing our waste in the ground,” Comiskey said. “There has to be other means. There are other countries that exercising other means and it’s working.”