Why Should I Care?

Size and Uses:
• Potential to be Canada’s largest dump
• Accepting approximately 850,000 tonnes of garbage per year (Salford Landfill accepts approximately 70,882/year)
• Accepting industrial, commercial, institutional and residential waste from all over Ontario, not Oxford County’s waste

Groundwater & Environment
• Karst makes easy access for contaminants to access groundwater, a risk to community’s water & Great Lakes Waterways
• Potential for soil acidification due to deposits of acidic gases*
• Potential for vegetation damage due to oxides of Nitrogen and Sulfur Dioxide*
• Potential exposure to a variety of airborne emissions which have been investigated in connection with asthma, respiratory diseases*
• Potential environmental threats to livestock health

Urban and Rural Property Value
• Mega-landfill stigma affecting property values throughout area
• People and businesses leaving or not moving into community could affect County’s tax base
• Drop in purchasing = drop in value
• Potential for prime farmland being damaged 

*Review of Environmental and Health Effects of Waste Management: Municipal Solid Waste and Similar Wastes  http://www.defra.gov.uk/publications/2011/03/26/health-report-pb9052a/