Wilf Ruland, Water Scientist, on Drinking Water Quality.

Wilf Ruland is a water scientist whose work and research in Ontario and Germany has focused on some of the most tragic and important issues in water safety. He was a lead hydrogeologist on the Walkerton inquiry into the contamination of drinking water in that Southern Ontario town. Further he has done significant research in
* bacterial contamination of water
* the speed of water’s underground movement
* karst formations in porous limestone
* “The Fate of Landfill Leachate in Waste Water Treatment Plants and in Groundwater”
as a private consultant and for the Ministry of the Environment . Wilf Ruland is on retainer to OPAL as a water scientist
​Wilf Ruland, on Walker’s Terms of Reference:

“I should note that Walker’s intention expressed on page 7 of the ToR [Terms of Reference] to “... apply the experience gained through licensing and operating its South Landfill in Niagara Falls...” is not reassuring from a groundwater perspective. The Walker South Landfill is situated in an area where the
groundwater is not drinkable, and hence the consequences of leakage of leachate from that landfill are insignificant. Walker has no experience in landfilling in an area where groundwater is potable.
The landfill proposed in this ToR will be situated near numerous private wells and upgradient of several of the Town of Ingersoll’s municipal wells - leachate leakage from this site will have dire consequences in an area which is 100% dependent on groundwater for its drinking water supplies”. (excerpted from W. Ruland’s report to OPAL, Sept. 29, 2013)

Download File Wilf Ruland on the leaking Richmond dump.

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