Who Is OPAL?

Oxford People Against the Landfill

2015 12 Opal Group Photo 1

OPAL Alliance at its core is a group of concerned taxpayers and business owners that have banded together to stop this proposed landfill. Our membership includes people of all walks of life from industrial roofing to computer programming. We all live and enjoy our lives in Oxford County and many of us have significant family history here. The last thing any of us want to see is for our home, Oxford County, become a dump site for the rest of Ontario's garbage.

An alliance fighting for you

The "Alliance" part of our name is there because we are working closely with other Oxford County and province wide based groups that are concerned about this landfill proposal. Oxford Greenwatch, Gravel Watch Ontario, and the Oxford Coalition for Social Justice are just a few of the groups that we are working with to stop this landfill.

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